Data Transfer

Data transfer allowance is the amount of information your web site can send to its visitors within a calendar month. With our hosting service you will receive an allowance of 5GB per month.

In our experience, this is never an issue unless you receive thousands of visitors every day (in which case, the small charge for additional data transfer is well worth it) or you are hosting mutimedia or other large files.

5GB corresponds to around 500 visitors per day.

Charges for Excess Data Transfer

The charges for excess data transfer usage is £3.00+VAT per GB, or part thereof, if not ordered in advance. Pre-ordered, the charge is £2.50+VAT per GB, or part thereof. This is charged at the end of each calendar month where the data transfer allowance has been exceeded.

This can happen if you run a successful advertising campaign, or appear on TV, or if you suddenly become popular on the web by word-of-mouth. If you know of an upcoming campaign, tell us and we will help you plan your web site's data transfer needs.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount of data our web servers can physically send in a short amount of time.